Command Line Tool

How to use command line tool

Connect to test environment

dipperin command line tools are located in the $GOBIN directory: ~/go/bin/dipperincli.

Monitor for test environment:

PBFT whole process demonstration:

If the startup command line needs to manipulate other startup nodes, it can be done by specifying parameters in the startup command.


Assuming that the local cluster is currently started, the command line tool needs to manipulate the V0 node.


HttpPort: 50007.

dipperincli -- http_host --http_port 50007

Connect to the test environment:

boots_env=test ~/go/bin/dipperincli

Or set temporary environment variables first:

export boots_env=test

Start dipperin node

The following command is to start a node, which requires a wallet password.

If no wallet path is specified, the default system path is used: ~/.dipperin/.

dipperincli --node_type [type] --soft_wallet_pwd [password]


Local startup miner:

dipperincli --node_type 1 --soft_wallet_pwd 123

Local startup miner(start mining):

dipperincli --node_type 1 --soft_wallet_pwd 123 --is_start_mine 1

Local startup verifier:

dipperincli --node_type 2 --soft_wallet_pwd 123

Connect to the test environment:

boots_env=test ~/go/bin/dipperincli -- soft_wallet_pwd 123


If dipperincli started in a wrong way, it may be that the local link data is not synchronized with the link state, and the local link data needs to be deleted:

cd ~
rm .dipperin -fr

restart command line tool