Release Notes

Mercury (v1.0.0)

This is the first test-net version of the dipperin-core(v1.0.0) program and it marks a milestone in the history of Dipperin. Mercury introduced the following features:

  • Original Deterministic Proof of Work(DPoW) consensus mechanism.
  • Verifiable Random Function(VRF) based verifier sortition mechanism.
  • Invertible Bloom filter Lookup Table(IBLT) based block propagation.
  • Hierarchical deterministic wallet.
  • Formalized ERC20 smart contract.
  • Built-in economic model.
  • Map-reduce proof of work mechanism.

Dipperin-core includes the following programs:

  • Node main program: dipperin
  • Client program: dipperin-cli
  • Mining program: miner